Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry – Happy Gas/Laughing Gas/Conscious sedation

Are you scared of visiting the dentist? Here is a good news for anxious patients.

At Rosanna Family Dental we provide the solution which is specially designed to calm your anxiety.
Rosanna Family Dental is introducing Happy Gas and sedation dentistry to help you feel at ease. We are committed to making your dental experience a positive, painless and stress fee. Patients can undergo dental treatment in a relaxed and stress-free state. It is common for a patient to feel anxious when visiting the dentist. But at our Dental clinic we use happy gas so that a patient can:

1) Ease the Dental Anxiety
2) Overcome fear of the dentist
3) Feel relaxed and painless throughout the treatment

Laughing Gas

Nitrous Oxide is  safe and used widely for children and adults. It is a modern technique of sedation which makes your dental experience very pleasant and relaxed.

Happy Gas Procedure

This technique involves inhaling small amounts of nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen. A small inhaler is placed over the patient’s nose. Dentist starts the dental procedure only when a feeling of general relaxation is experienced after breathing the nitrous oxide gas for two or three minutes. It is sometimes necessary to use local anaesthetic injections with happy gas, however quite often they can be dispensed with and the patient feels no discomfort. If a local anaesthetic is used, the injection is quite painless.

As you probably know, nitrous oxide is an anaesthetic gas. However, using the small quantities employed with happy gas the patient does not become unconscious but merely sedated. He is awake, can converse with the dentist and aware of everything that is happening but is very relaxed and is free from care about the dental treatment being carried out.  Nausea or other side effects rarely occur and then only with high doses.

On completion of the treatment, the patient is given pure oxygen to breathe for two or three minutes and then room air before leaving the surgery. Unlike most other forms of sedation, the patient may leave the surgery unescorted and may drive a car after having had happy gas.

Happy Gas (nitrous oxide sedation) is a very pleasant way of enabling dental treatment to be carried out. Your dentist will be pleased to explain it further to you.
Happy gas dental treatment is Bulk billed for kids who are  eligible for    CHILD DENTAL BENEFITS SCHEDULE and is covered under some insurances .

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